#BqChat left a void.

#BqChat was a Twitter-based venture that brought me considerable joy. It resulted in quality time spent with my wife and gaining many unanticipated friendships. However, the effort needed to “do it right” took a toll. Family, work, the honey-do-list, running, and content developer/host of a scheduled Twitter chat. Something had to give. In the Spring of 2017, I moved on from my chatting ways. It didn’t take terribly long to realize the lack of a creative outlet. My hope is this site will quench that thirst. The home page focusing on quality book reviews (of the running variety, of course). A thumbs-up emoji (👍) at the top of a book’s review reflects it’s inclusion on my favorites list. A lack thereof doesn’t mean it’s bad. More about me:

Systems Engineer (20+ years medical device). Syracuse University graduate. Fortunate to have found my better half in life. Native to upstate New York. Home is 3.5 acres in the Granite State. While it’s possible my fastest race may be behind me, I do still find myself competing. A 1:23 half at age 48 is a favorite feather in my cap. Still on my bucket list? Tokyo. Maybe Toronto and Sugarloaf (ME, USA), too.

Run résumé (* = BQ, ** = NYC Qualifier):

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A local, favorite run destination: Rye, NH.

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