#BqChat left a void.

#BqChat was a Twitter-based venture that brought me considerable joy. It resulted in quality time spent with my wife and gaining many unanticipated friendships. However, the effort needed to “do it right” took a toll. Family, work, the honey-do-list, running, and content developer/host of a scheduled Twitter chat. Something had to give. In the Spring of 2017, I moved on from my chatting ways. It didn’t take terribly long to realize the lack of a creative outlet. My hope is this site will quench that thirst. The home page focusing on quality book reviews (of the running variety, of course). A thumbs-up emoji (👍) at the top of a book’s review reflects it’s inclusion on my favorites list. A lack thereof doesn’t mean it’s bad. More about me:

Systems Engineer (20+ years medical device). Syracuse University graduate. Fortunate to have found my better half in life. Native to upstate New York. Home is 3+ acres in the Granite State. While it’s possible my fastest race may be behind me, I do still find myself competing. A 2:51 marathon at age 49 is a favorite feather in my cap. Still on my bucket list? Four continents remain with marathons that I’m yet to visit.

Run résumé (*: BQ, **: NYC Qualifier, ***: Berlin Qualifier):

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A local, favorite run destination: Rye, NH USA.

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