Chatham in the Fall 10K

Is there parking available for race participants at Monomoy Regional Middle School?
[Geof] Yes, there’s parking at the school lots, the tennis courts, and if that overflows, there’s additional parking about ½ mile from the school.

Is the race run entirely on pavement?
[Geof] Yes, it’s all pavement -

The bibs have chips (this is a timed event), yes?
[Geof] Timing is provided by Spitler Race Systems and as far as I know, we’re using ‘manual’ timing rather than incurring the additional costs of b-tags. The event is professionally timed and the course is sanctioned and certified through 2026.

Is there an elevation profile of the race course available?
[Geof] Sort of – here’s the MapMyRun route which, for some reason, thinks the total elevation gain is 267,193 ft 😊 But the ‘real’ elevation profile looks good:

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