Salty’s 5K & Double Nubble 10K

Couple ?s about the upcoming Double Nubble 10K.
Course certified?
-Our course is not certified. It is absolutely gorgeous, though! Ha

Parking location?
-Parking is over at Ellis Park (Short Sands Beach) 5 minute walk to the ball field on Railroad Ave, you can cut through the path behind the Ocean house Condos!, or by Inn on the Blues, that road is part of the course and leads you right to the start finish line.

Chip timing?
-Yes Chip Timing, our timing company is All Sports Events!

Porta-potty/bathroom details?
-Porta Potties, there will be 5 regular portas and 1 handicap, if you desire a real bathroom, the York Beach Fire Dept will be open (Our non profit is part of the FD). The bathrooms are located through the double doors, in between the fire truck bays, on the second floor! The FD is located right next to our event!

Richard Alff
Candia, NH

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