SnowStorm Classic Winter Race Series

Alternates 10K/5K weekly, 100% pavement, 10K elevation.

It's during the winter so road conditions can be fine or a bit dicey. About half of the courses is within Forest Park. The other half on Springfield city sidewalks and roads and those are the areas most likely to be slippery when we get bad weather 

We have use of the Forest Park skate house where you sign up where there is restrooms. We open up at 8am before the race. we do race results and a quick age group winners after. There's no porta potty  on course. We have the basics. water, Gatorade and bananas at the skate house.

This is a weekly club hosted run. Its only a $5 fee and as such no on course support like road marshalls or water stops etc. But we do our best to mark the course with flour. It is winter so flour  markings are what they are. Newcomers that run more in the back of pack a and less brave and not familiar with the course will tend to follow a group for a couple weeks until they get more comfortable. There's no plenty of people of all abilities to not find someone close to your pace.

We hand time it and post results every week.

In short a... a low key, cheap, but well run event by experienced runner. And a great way to get in a social run or competitive effort during the winter months. 

Hope to see you there.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bob Landry

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