Wineglass Marathon


My name is Richard Alff (Candia, NH 03034).
In the PM on 17Apr2023, I tried to register for your marathon twice.
On both occasions, I took advantage of the option you offer to refund the transaction (after posting payment).
The reason I did that is because I wanted the protection/insurance option (listed as $12.88).
After the first registration posting email confirmation I received, it listed the amount charged as $159.00 (marathon + processing fee, but no protection/insurance option).
So I thought, ok, maybe I made a wrong selection.
But then I went thru the entire process a 2nd time & reached the exact same conclusion (& again, ultimately chose to be refunded).
Then, I went to my credit card web page/recent activity and can view that historically everything I just shared is accurately reflected there (ie, no protection/insurance fee).
(I thought that perhaps the protection/insurance charge might appear separately there, but that's not the case.)
Can you help me out? I'd like to register for the marathon + the protection/insurance (before your race sells out).

Richard Alff



You were correct. The race insurance is provided by a 3rd party insurer (Allianz) and sometimes it takes a little longer for it to show on your card. Also you will receive a separate email from them. Go ahead and register and then you will see the insurance and charge within about 48 hours.

Wineglass Marathon Race Series Team Member

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